Boat Shares Available to Purchase

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  • Rayglass Legend 2800
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Hobson Bay Boat Share is a non-commercial, not-for-profit limited partnership run by a friendly group of OBC (Outboard Boating Club) members to provide unique and affordable recreational boating opportunities.

The scheme provides the best opportunity to go boating in modern well-maintained boats without all the work of owning your own boat.  We think it is friendlier, and cheaper than any commercial Boat-Share, and provides us with the best value boating our money can buy!

The main benefits of the scheme are:-

  • Affordability - shared ownership shares the time on the water, and the shares the cost when it is not on the water (most boats spend more time 'not being used')
  • We are 'not for profit' - most boat share schemes are run as a business, our scheme is simply for the enjoyment of our members.
  • We choose our members very carefully - so you can be assured 'your boat' is always looked after.
  • Members decide what to do each year - other share schemes, the rules are set by the business owner.
  • Different boat sizes available - move between Partnerships when you are ready
  • Boat account for depreciation & replacement inflation thus maintaining the value of your share.
  • All maintenance organised when the boat is not being used
  • All ownership costs included in one monthly fee
  • A depreciation and inflation fund for boat replacement included in the same monthly cost
  • Online booking and credits system allowing easy planning of days on the water
  • Boat storage is at Orams in Westhaven Marina, a world class facility

To participate in the boat share scheme, you pay a 'once only' capital payment for a share in the scheme. You then pay a monthly operating fee which includes all storage, maintenance , regular new boat replacement, & Coastguard membership. Fuel on your return is the only additional cost.

This is a true ‘pay-as-you-go’ scheme.  Owners in the scheme can also sell their share at any time, getting back their share of the boat value plus a share of the replacement fund.