Hobson Bay Boat Share has been set up by a group of boaties to provide convenient leisure boating for their families.

It is a non-commercial, “not-for-profit” boating scheme. All the benefits are for the enjoyment of the participants.

  • It is a shared ownership scheme, all participants contribute to the cost of the boats in a simple monthly fee. 
  • You have the use of all boats in your scheme (1 type of boat per scheme)
  • 10 shares per boat (Buccaneer 685) & 8 shares per boat (Rayglass 2800)
  • An annual service charge covers all the costs, including boat replacement.
  • Pay-as-you-go for fuel.  Fuel is the only additional cost on the water , except bait!
  • All maintenance & ownership responsibilities are organised for you
  • Use of the boats is controlled by a points system to provide fair use to all participants
  • Boats are replaced in a planned way to keep the boat fleet modern
  • You can sell your share at any time to an approved willing buyer 

Who has joined so far?

They are OBC (Outboard Boating Club) members or their friends, who have a common interest in leisure boating. They have been looking for an opportunity to continue to go boating in the limited time they have available, in good quality, modern & reliable boats, without owning their own boat.

These people have a wide range of business skills & include Accountants, Lawyers, Business Consultants, Business Owners, IT professionals, Engineers, etc.