Nov 2023 - Rayglass Legend 2800

We are pleased to announce that the Rayglass Legend 2800 has been selected as the perfect replacement for our Tristram 851. With a November delivery planned, the new boat will arrive just in time for a fantastic summer of boating on a brand new boat fitted out with all the latest kit, powered by the latest Mercury 270 HP diesel inboard.

Jan 2018 - Second 685 Excess Launched

With demand for the Buccaneer 685 continuing to grow, a key milestone was reached by adding a second Buccaneer 685 to the fleet.

Also dry-stacked at Orams Marine, the new Buccaneer 685 comes fully fitted out with all the great features we've come to expect from these fantastic boats.

Oct 2014 - Buccaneer 685 Excess Launched

On the 1st of October 2014, the 635 Partnership launched a brand new Buccaneer 685 Excess which has a hard top, with all the bells and whistles. This is an up size from the previous Buccaneer 635 which had a bimini top. It has the latest 'fly by wire' Yamaha 225, and runs at approximately 25 litres per hour at cruising speed of 20-25 knots.

We also have the latest electronics from Garmin, so watch out, fishies.

The Partners also decided to put the new Buccaneer 685 in the dry-stack at Orams Marine, providing a true walk on walk off experience. The previous boat was stored on a trailer at OBC.

Jul 2013 - Tristram 851 Grandeur Launched

Our new boat, a Tristram 851 Grandeur powered by the new TDI VW Diesel 265HP diesel engine, has now been launched. These new engines are a perfect match for this beautiful boat offering cost efficient, smooth powerful running.

Lance Fink and his team at Tristram marine have been great to deal with and the custom setup will give our partners many enjoyable days on the water boating over the next few years.

Partners in the new Tristram 851 decided to dry-stack their new boat at Orams Marine, Westhaven. Their previous boat was on a marina berth at OBC.

Oct 2011 - Brand new 635 Buccaneer Launched

On the 1st of October 2011, the 635 Partnership launched a brand new Buccaneer 635 Excess, with all the bells and whistles.

It has the latest 'fly by wire' Yamaha 225, and runs at approximately 25 litres per hour at cruising speed of 20-25 knots - 10% cheaper to run than the previous Yamaha 200!

We also have the latest electronics from Lowrance, so watch out, fishies!

Feb 2010 - Boat Share Launches Rayglass 2500

Following a few words from Vice Commodore Don Glass, up to forty OBC members and prospective members celebrated the naming and launch of the newest Boat Share boat, "Hobson One".  A Rayglass Legend 2500, Hobson One is berthed in the marina on-site at OBC.  The launching of Hobson One sees the fulfilment of the initial Boat Share vision to have two classes of boat on offer.

There is one Rayglass 2500 share available to purchase, please contact us for further details and to arrange a time to view.

Oct 2009 - Rayglass Legend 2500 Launched

Hobson Bay Boat Share has reached another milestone, having launched a Rayglass Legend 2500. The larger Rayglass 2500 provides the ultimate boating experience, and has the added bonus of being berthed in the OBC marina.

The Buccaneer 635 Exess partnership has also reached a milestone, one year of trouble free boating at 1/10th the cost per partner.

Oct 2008 - Boat Share Launches First Boat

Hobson's Choice 1

Thirty five OBC members met at the OBC on Sunday, October 19, to celebrate the launch of their first Buccaneer 635 share boat, "Hobson's Choice 1".  Those present included the Buccanneer 635 owners, people registered for the next boat - a Rayglass 2500 Legend, and other Boat Share committee members.

The Boat Share committee was formed on May 15, 2008 and the tremendous effort developed the Boat Share scheme from scratch, launching the first boat in five months.

Sep 2008 - First Boat Order Placed

The lucky first ten Hobson Bay Boat Share partners have had their places confirmed, as an order for the very first boat is placed; a Buccaneer 635 Exess.  The placement of the order will see the scheme meet the ambitious goal set by the boat share committee, to have the first boat in the water by October.

Boat share organiser Neil Lawson commented "Achieving this milestone is a real testament to the hard work and commitment of the boat share committee, to get the scheme off the ground quickly, and to get the best outcome for everyone involved".  Places for the Rayglass Legend 2500 are filling quickly.